Visit us at 11 Highspire Rd., Lyndell, PA 19354
Join the artists that represent American Craftsmanship at it's best. Bring your children and help them to learn how things are made by talented hands doing both traditional and contemporary work. Add to your collection or start a new one while you enjoy a day in rural Chester County, PA. No admission charge! Demonstrations!
Saturday, May 14, 2011 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday, May 15, 2011 11:00am - 4:00pm
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For more information email, call 610-639-0464, or contact any of the exhibitors.
We live in an increasingly disposable world where we go to big box stores to buy stuff with labels that say "Made in XYZ". Two days, two weeks, or two months after we bring it home, it's broken, can't be fixed, and we throw it away and buy another one. It's part of 21st century life. We are all guilty. We all know there should be a better way.
We have decided to present an alternative for those who want something a bit better and want to invest their hard earned dollars in objects that are well designed, well executed, and are a better value. We have assembled a group of artists and artisans whose obsession is to do things the right way. These are people who care about their work and fully expect it to last for generations. Come talk to them about the details of their products. Bring your children to see demonstrations of hand work at its finest. Consider adding to an existing collection or starting a new one. This is your opportunity to get to know the maker of the fine objects that you and your family could own for generations.
The group includes:
  • Sandra Gilpin - Painted Scherenschnitte 717-637-2535
  • Dan and Marlene Coble - Painted 260-665-2362
  • Cheryl Mihills -Punchneedle Originals - 804-438-6111
  • John and Linda Beazley -Parsley Junction Paperworks- - 610-495-7054
  • Rolf Hofer -610-495-7391
  • Bill Leinbach -The Itinerant Weaver - 717-866-5525
  • D. Masters Kreibel -Traditional Folk Art Paintings - 434-984-3210
  • Courtney Peterson -Courtney Design- -610-932-6065
  • Kathie Ratcliffe -Nine Patch Studio- -540-882-3348
  • Nick Vincent -Nathan's Forge, Ltd. - -410-848-7903
  • Marc Daniels- Original Oil Painting -570-467-2023
  • Andy Smith -Artist - - 717-627-3383
  • Lynn Taylor- Kingston Pottery- - 717-944-5445
  • Debbie Jarrett -Sawdust Folk Art - 610-346-9073
  • Bob Schultz -Shaker Boxes -610-346-9073
  • Greg and Mary Shooner --Shooner American Redware - 513-897-0488
  • Jason Klein -Historical Glassworks - -904-476-8680
  • Deborah Faye Watson -Hand Felted Designs - - 434-823-1314
  • Karen Hurd -Tinsmith - 717-786-8249
  • L W Crossan